This last weekend while I was attending the Reedy Race I got a message from a long time friend that said you need to check FaceBook.  There was an obscure post that basically said RIP Roy Caster with no info….Immediately we started making calls looking for info.  Personally I was in shock and disbelief as Roy had just texted me within the last week.   Unfortunately the worst had truly happened Roy was gone…  As I sit here writing this I still cannot believe I will never see him again.IMG_9172

Roy and I lived only 2 streets away from each other and never knew it until our love of RC racing brought us together in 1986 racing in a tiny backyard track in 1000 Palms.  Roy and I quickly struck up a friendship revolving around RC.  Between the late 80’s and early 90’s Roy and I logged more miles together racing virtually every night at a different track around SoCal.  It really didn’t matter what type of racing either.  1/10th 1/8th, Nitro, Electric Onroad, Offroad we did it. We had another thing in common and that was gift of Painting.

Both Roy and I painted our own RC car Bodies but many of other RC racers too.  Each of us started are own RC Painting Biz…  Mine Rugspin Graphix….His Bully Bodywerks.


Roy had a love for the sport and was always willing to help anyone in need at the track.  Over the last few years he raced less but traveled more with his wife Beth.  He was finally in a place to enjoy some of what Life had to offer doing Travel, Jeeping and anything fun he wanted to do.  Like I said he texted me just this last week to see if I could paint for someone as he was doing some travel, little did I know this would be the last time we talked.

Roy left us doing what he loved….something fun. While snorkeling he suffered  a catastrophic brain aneurysm.  I think to myself it’s not fair, why do the good ones always have to die?  We have no idea when our time is up and well Roy lived each day enjoying every min of life and doing as much as he could to have a good time.

Roy I’ll miss you buddy…..


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  1. Ellen Manchester · May 31, 2017

    Thank you Steve. Im Roy’s sister Ellen. I’m sitting here with my sis in law, Beth, reading you tribute to our Roy. He inspired so many and truly loved life. He was lived his life with no regrets and finished his life with the love of his life. Thank you for being his friend. I know how mad it made him to lose to those LB’S.

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