2017 Reedy Race of Champions

All I can say is wow after a long weekend of racing.  Watching Marc Reinhard win his 6th Reedy was awesome.  The new Infinity ride was flawless all weekend.  On Sunday morning he went from battling for 2nd in his heat to tangling with another competitor dropping him to last then coming right back through the field. It was a never give up amazing drive to watch.


The Reedy is always a test of man and machine every year.  No matter how well you’ve been doing at your local track, no matter how much practice you put in things will happen that you just cannot prepare for.  Many drivers were frustrated with their performance where others were elated.


We all watch a newcomer to the onroad side of RC try his hand at one of the biggest races.  Spencer Rivkin impressed many with his smooth driving style which looked as if he had been doing this for years.  Unfortunately the racing line was super tight making it very very difficult to pass keeping him from passing for the win. At one point he could have made the pass but pulled back when the leader bobbled as to not make things worse, It showed poise, restraint, and respect for his fellow competitor.


Many attend this races to test their skills, while others just want to fill the bucket on their list.  Many of us use these races as an excuse to hang with our extended family.  I personally like the latter…  Many racers I have known for well over 30 years now and it’s always nice to hang with someone if only for a few min just to say hi.

Some highlights from my weekend;  Seeing Bob Novak dropping by showing that RC is in his blood. Seeing Bill Jeric win the B-Mail to the applause of all his fellow RC racers around the track.  The former champion The Fabulous One Barry Baker stopping by to chat it up with the worlds best in TC. Seeing a guy come up to the Guru of Aero Dale Epp asking him to sign his ProtoForm body.  Watching Randy Caster take a different role this weekend building and tuning many of the top Associated drivers cars with his new 1-UP venture.  Of course who could forget Courtney Day my favorite Trophy Girl who makes many of the guys nervous…Always a fun time with her around.AH0I6676AH0I6066AH0I5986AH0I6483AH0I4817IMG_1560

Once again congrats to Marc Reinhard for another REEDY win and to all the racers that attended this great race, Scotty Ernst for another flawless program and Tamiya America for hosting this great event.


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