A Trip to Tamiya

So the wife and I made trip out to Tamiya America yesterday for the 2017 Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions….. The facility never looked better with the new surface that they recently put in…AH0I4599

The reedy format is interesting as every round of heads up racing counts.  This is a pure test of man and machine.  The racing is tight as the Tamiya track is probably one of the smallest tracks that most of these guys race on.  Many of the top guys are hear some with new rides for 2017.


We stayed a short time just to watch one of the Invitational rounds.  Afterward traffic looked pretty bad on the 5 Freeway or Parking-Lot…..So we decided to take our time and do a little site seeing.   Its been a while since I’ve driven up the PCH around Laguna and I couldn’t believe how clear it was all the way to Catalina Island.  You could even see another Island past it.


Well we decided to stop in Laguna and take a walk down to the tide pools out by Bird Rock.  We saw tons of little crabs and small fish in them.  The funniest part was one of the bigger crabs was chasing around the little guys then Farted…Reminded me of what Captain Phil from Deadliest Catch use to say about finding Crab when he smelled Crab Farts…


Anyways stay tuned to www.rugspingraphix.com or www.facebook.com/rugspingraphix for all the race action this weekend from the Reedy Race of Champions

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