Ricochet Raceway Video Shoot


Well Today I tagged along with Gerardo and Robert from Proline to check out Ricochet Raceway (Click Link for Facebook Page)  while they were doing a Video shoot for carpet tire for 1/10th scale.. I had heard about this track down at the bottom of California just miles from the Mexican Border but hadn’t had the chance to check it out yet.

It’s a really cool place in more ways than one.  First off it had Air Conditioning….Let me say coming from Palm Springs this is everything during the summer time, I mean what more could you want while racing during the hot summer?

2nd it has a full-blown trampoline park inside with food concessions, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, everything you could want under one roof.  14057212-mmmain

The track is nestled in a corner of the building with its own entrance.  Inside was a very nice track, pit tables and a well stocked hobby shop.  The track is carpet which seems to be a trend these days and the layout was really fun too.  Ricochet makes the most of the space they have with the layout which consisted of a crossover and a wall ride…Wall ride was way cool….  IMG_1548IMG_1549

Anyways I kinda played grip for the day helping Robert with some of his shots.  After we were done with the shoot I got to wheel Gerardo’s Associated 2wd around the track.  Being a OnRoad carpet racer I felt right at home with the buggy other than the jumps that I kept messing up on……   Remember OnRoad is flat.


I loved the fact that this facility has so much crossover interaction.  During our short time at the track we had a wall of kids from the Trampoline Park section of the facility looking through the windows checking out what we were doing with lots of Ooohs and aahhs.  Ricochet say’s on any given race day that the whole side of the track is filled with onlookers.  What a great way to get more people into the sport.  They said they also provided rental vehicles to anyone that is interested.  I wish more tracks had this kind of exposure and opportunity to bring new people into our sport.

I want to thank Proline Racing for the opportunity to tag along today and to Ricochet for the hospitality.



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  1. jlsnyder · May 25, 2017

    That’s RAD bro! You’re a blogger now!

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