This last weekend while I was attending the Reedy Race I got a message from a long time friend that said you need to check FaceBook.  There was an obscure post that basically said RIP Roy Caster with no info….Immediately we started making calls looking for info.  Personally I was in shock and disbelief as Roy had just texted me within the last week.   Unfortunately the worst had truly happened Roy was gone…  As I sit here writing this I still cannot believe I will never see him again.IMG_9172

Roy and I lived only 2 streets away from each other and never knew it until our love of RC racing brought us together in 1986 racing in a tiny backyard track in 1000 Palms.  Roy and I quickly struck up a friendship revolving around RC.  Between the late 80’s and early 90’s Roy and I logged more miles together racing virtually every night at a different track around SoCal.  It really didn’t matter what type of racing either.  1/10th 1/8th, Nitro, Electric Onroad, Offroad we did it. We had another thing in common and that was gift of Painting.

Both Roy and I painted our own RC car Bodies but many of other RC racers too.  Each of us started are own RC Painting Biz…  Mine Rugspin Graphix….His Bully Bodywerks.


Roy had a love for the sport and was always willing to help anyone in need at the track.  Over the last few years he raced less but traveled more with his wife Beth.  He was finally in a place to enjoy some of what Life had to offer doing Travel, Jeeping and anything fun he wanted to do.  Like I said he texted me just this last week to see if I could paint for someone as he was doing some travel, little did I know this would be the last time we talked.

Roy left us doing what he loved….something fun. While snorkeling he suffered  a catastrophic brain aneurysm.  I think to myself it’s not fair, why do the good ones always have to die?  We have no idea when our time is up and well Roy lived each day enjoying every min of life and doing as much as he could to have a good time.

Roy I’ll miss you buddy…..


2017 Reedy Race of Champions

All I can say is wow after a long weekend of racing.  Watching Marc Reinhard win his 6th Reedy was awesome.  The new Infinity ride was flawless all weekend.  On Sunday morning he went from battling for 2nd in his heat to tangling with another competitor dropping him to last then coming right back through the field. It was a never give up amazing drive to watch.


The Reedy is always a test of man and machine every year.  No matter how well you’ve been doing at your local track, no matter how much practice you put in things will happen that you just cannot prepare for.  Many drivers were frustrated with their performance where others were elated.


We all watch a newcomer to the onroad side of RC try his hand at one of the biggest races.  Spencer Rivkin impressed many with his smooth driving style which looked as if he had been doing this for years.  Unfortunately the racing line was super tight making it very very difficult to pass keeping him from passing for the win. At one point he could have made the pass but pulled back when the leader bobbled as to not make things worse, It showed poise, restraint, and respect for his fellow competitor.


Many attend this races to test their skills, while others just want to fill the bucket on their list.  Many of us use these races as an excuse to hang with our extended family.  I personally like the latter…  Many racers I have known for well over 30 years now and it’s always nice to hang with someone if only for a few min just to say hi.

Some highlights from my weekend;  Seeing Bob Novak dropping by showing that RC is in his blood. Seeing Bill Jeric win the B-Mail to the applause of all his fellow RC racers around the track.  The former champion The Fabulous One Barry Baker stopping by to chat it up with the worlds best in TC. Seeing a guy come up to the Guru of Aero Dale Epp asking him to sign his ProtoForm body.  Watching Randy Caster take a different role this weekend building and tuning many of the top Associated drivers cars with his new 1-UP venture.  Of course who could forget Courtney Day my favorite Trophy Girl who makes many of the guys nervous…Always a fun time with her around.AH0I6676AH0I6066AH0I5986AH0I6483AH0I4817IMG_1560

Once again congrats to Marc Reinhard for another REEDY win and to all the racers that attended this great race, Scotty Ernst for another flawless program and Tamiya America for hosting this great event.


A Trip to Tamiya

So the wife and I made trip out to Tamiya America yesterday for the 2017 Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions….. The facility never looked better with the new surface that they recently put in…AH0I4599

The reedy format is interesting as every round of heads up racing counts.  This is a pure test of man and machine.  The racing is tight as the Tamiya track is probably one of the smallest tracks that most of these guys race on.  Many of the top guys are hear some with new rides for 2017.


We stayed a short time just to watch one of the Invitational rounds.  Afterward traffic looked pretty bad on the 5 Freeway or Parking-Lot…..So we decided to take our time and do a little site seeing.   Its been a while since I’ve driven up the PCH around Laguna and I couldn’t believe how clear it was all the way to Catalina Island.  You could even see another Island past it.


Well we decided to stop in Laguna and take a walk down to the tide pools out by Bird Rock.  We saw tons of little crabs and small fish in them.  The funniest part was one of the bigger crabs was chasing around the little guys then Farted…Reminded me of what Captain Phil from Deadliest Catch use to say about finding Crab when he smelled Crab Farts…


Anyways stay tuned to www.rugspingraphix.com or www.facebook.com/rugspingraphix for all the race action this weekend from the Reedy Race of Champions

Ricochet Raceway Video Shoot


Well Today I tagged along with Gerardo and Robert from Proline to check out Ricochet Raceway (Click Link for Facebook Page)  while they were doing a Video shoot for carpet tire for 1/10th scale.. I had heard about this track down at the bottom of California just miles from the Mexican Border but hadn’t had the chance to check it out yet.

It’s a really cool place in more ways than one.  First off it had Air Conditioning….Let me say coming from Palm Springs this is everything during the summer time, I mean what more could you want while racing during the hot summer?

2nd it has a full-blown trampoline park inside with food concessions, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, everything you could want under one roof.  14057212-mmmain

The track is nestled in a corner of the building with its own entrance.  Inside was a very nice track, pit tables and a well stocked hobby shop.  The track is carpet which seems to be a trend these days and the layout was really fun too.  Ricochet makes the most of the space they have with the layout which consisted of a crossover and a wall ride…Wall ride was way cool….  IMG_1548IMG_1549

Anyways I kinda played grip for the day helping Robert with some of his shots.  After we were done with the shoot I got to wheel Gerardo’s Associated 2wd around the track.  Being a OnRoad carpet racer I felt right at home with the buggy other than the jumps that I kept messing up on……   Remember OnRoad is flat.


I loved the fact that this facility has so much crossover interaction.  During our short time at the track we had a wall of kids from the Trampoline Park section of the facility looking through the windows checking out what we were doing with lots of Ooohs and aahhs.  Ricochet say’s on any given race day that the whole side of the track is filled with onlookers.  What a great way to get more people into the sport.  They said they also provided rental vehicles to anyone that is interested.  I wish more tracks had this kind of exposure and opportunity to bring new people into our sport.

I want to thank Proline Racing for the opportunity to tag along today and to Ricochet for the hospitality.



9th Annual Proline Gas Champs May 20th-21st


This Last weekend I attended the 9th Annual Proline Gas Champs.  Levi Jackson of Sik Track Designs hit me up a couple of months in advance to help cover the race.  It had been a very busy month for me and in fact was out of town just the day before in Austin Tx doing working on my other line of work which is sound.  I was in town for the AVP Volleyball tour. AH0I2887 Anyways I made arrangements to be flown back in time for Levi’s event.

When I got to Proline’s Test Track I was in awe of the layout. Never before had Levi had so much elevation changes at Proline.  Well from what I could tell it was it a hit with the racers too.

This Years Gas Champs drew some pretty big names from across the RC industry Drivers from Tekno, Mugen, Associated all were in attendance.  3 Rounds of qualifying with one throwout would set the stage for some epic battles for Sundays Main Events.

Levi and I decided we would tag team the social media scene with content.  LiveRC had the scoring side and he would do live Facebook while I would Post updates on who was TQ for the round in the classes which seemed to work very well.


Within a few hours pictures like the one above would be up in the 10’s of thousands of views.  This showed both of us how important this coverage was to the event.

At the end of the day Saturday I went home and worked on all the action pic’s from the day and uploaded them the next morning then it was back to the track for Sunday’s Main Events.   Levi and I kept the same flow going with him doing Live FB video’s and me shooting all the action and winners.

I have to say I was one of the most fun weekends that I have had doing this  I shot almost 1800 pictures over the course of the 2 days.  I want to put out a special shout out to Melody Austin who stepped in as our Trophy Girl during the daytime on Sunday  She brightened up every podium pic for sure.AH0I4209

Over the years I have freely offered my pic’s to anyone that wanted to use them and would sell them on the side here and there at full resolution.  Well the time has come to recoup some of the $$ that I have spent on equipment/travel/time.  You may have noticed a big R logo watermarked on the pics now.  Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 6.41.56 AMWell this is to keep people from just using them at will.  It’s been a struggle for me on how to go about all of this and to not piss people off but simple fact is my camera gear cost some serious money and I’m destroying it every time I come to the track.  So I hope all forgive me for the change but you will also now be able to reap the benefits of all of this.  My website www.rugspingraphix.com now has a buy button that allows you purchase full resolution pictures directly from my site plus prints too.  When you purchase the R watermark will be removed and you can do what you want with the photo and share it all you want.

Once again I want to thank Levi Jackson for having me out and supporting what I do for the little slice of the RC industry and to all the Proline Crew for the hospitality and great event that was put on for all the racers.AH0I4538